All good things must come to an end..

In this case it is the upcoming demise of Music Video Fridays. I have decided to discontinue my long running weekly feature at the end of the year. The reason for this is really because it is increasingly harder to find videos that allow embedding on YouTube. I totally get the piracy thing, and that record companies want to make money… but to me, it seems that allowing embedding makes it much easier to share music. I am 10x more likely to click and watch a video on the page I’m on, than I am to actually GO to YouTube and watch it there. But, what can you do?

So…Music Video Friday is going to go the way of the Dodo, as they say.

The question is, what should take it’s place? I like something fun and regular on a Friday. What would my blog readers like to see? I am open to suggestions. It could be a personal snapshot, it could be a photo I’ve taken with my cell phone during the week, it could be talking about a favorite movie…These are all okay, but I want to know what you guys think.

Let me know! Leave a comment telling me what you’d like to see on Fridays in 2010!

And because posts are no fun without a photo, here’s one for you.. My Mother, on her fourth birthday, October 25th, ****. 😉


3 Responses to “All good things must come to an end..”

  1. Zak says:

    How about continuing the theme from above…a photo from your past. 🙂

  2. mooreclick says:

    I'm for personal projects, always. Movie reviews would be nice and useful, but you lose the visual you get with the music videos. Blogging is hard!

  3. Rachael Earl says:

    That photo is PRICELESS! I LOVE it!

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