For your Friday..

Hey everyone, sorry I totally fell down on the wedding advice Friday. I promise it’ll be back soon. For now.. here’s a song I like! Mumford & Sons ‘The Cave’ from Ben Magahy on Vimeo.

Happy Friday!

I keep meaning to start up a regular Friday feature like I did the last two years but I haven’t got there yet.. I have an idea but I’m lacking motivation. For now, here’s a song I’m digging:

Music Video – John Mellencamp

Perhaps, you, like me, preferred him in his Cougar days.. 🙂 But.. I am really digging this song, so I thought I’d share. John Mellencamp – Troubled Land

Music Video.. Thursday? The Cult!

Since I am not doing music videos regularly now.. I thought I’d share a random one for you. While I admit to not remembering much about this movie… I do love this song. The Cult – Painted on my Heart

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas..

Merry Christmas all!!

Music Video Friday, Holiday Edition – Elvis Presley

Ah.. The one man I would choose above all others, if I were only allowed to hear ONE person sing Christmas songs the rest of my life.. 😉 My favorite! Elvis Presley – Blue Christmas

Music Video Friday, Holiday Edition – Band Aid

I love this song. Lots of 80’s favorites here. How many can you guess? Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas? If you want some help on guessing who was in Band Aid, check out the Wikipedia article!

Music Video Friday, Holiday Edition – Wham!

Oh, it’s about that time.. so, to keep us in the spirit – some classic holiday music videos! You can’t deny the awesomeness that is George’s hair in this video.. 🙂 Wham – Last Christmas

Music Video Friday – Rick Springfield

Important advice here.. 🙂 Rick Springfield – Don’t Talk to Strangers (Just FYI, be careful on clicking through to the page because there is some weird fight with lots of foul language on the page.. but here you’re safe!)

Music Video Friday – Total Coelo

This video is pure 80’s wackiness. I love it!