Session Tips

Tips for a Great Photography Session

a collage of families in an outdoor setting
Looking Good

You’re investing in your memories, so you want to make sure you also take the time to invest in yourself to make sure your session is the best it can be. When it comes to clothing, I have a large collection of visual aids to help inspire you with your what to wear choices. You can find them by clicking here!

Coordinating clothing that still shows off your personality is the modern take on the matching outfits of the past. I am also happy to help with styling both via email or even helping make last minute choices in person. For boutique sessions, you’re welcome and encouraged to bring two or three outfit choices to help add variety to your session.

Here are some tips for feeling good about how you look during your session:

  • Make sure you try on all selected clothing before the day of your session, including clothing for your children. You want a comfortable fit, that doesn’t constantly shift with movement. Don’t forget about the shoes!
  • Do an undergarment check, make sure you won’t need to constantly readjust and be worried about undergarments peeking out.
  • If you are getting a hair cut or other major style change, schedule it for at least one week beforehand.
  • Make sure all fingernails and toenails are clean, with non-chipped polish. Feel free to embrace your love of bright colors, but remember that bright nail polish will stand out in photos.
  • If you are wearing high heels, please bring a flat pair of shoes for walking, especially in natural locations.

Feeling Good

My job as your photographer is to help you feel good and have a fabulous session. But, you can also prep with some easy tips that help your entire family enjoy themselves and cut down on stress. Check out some of the tips below for things to keep in mind the day of your session.

  • Do your best to be well rested and fed prior to your session. If you plan on eating a meal afterward, please eat a snack beforehand.
  • Bring water for everyone, and a non-messy snack for children. Food is a great way for a child to calm down if they’re having a challenging time and need to reset.
  • Leave for your session with enough time to account for traffic.
  • Try to keep calm and keep reasonable expectations for your children. I never judge parents when their children are having a hard time! I’m very comfortable working with all sorts of children, and staying relaxed is the best thing you can do to help your kiddos have a good session.
  • If your child has any particular needs or accommodations, please just let me know before the session, so we can all be prepared and ready to have a great time.