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Here is just a very small sample of some of my favorite family, kiddo and maternity portraits.

Thanks for stopping by and come back all week for more of my favorites from this year!

Here's a sneak peek from Kyley's Sweet 16 Photo Party..

Several more are on facebook so go take a look!

Happy Monday and have a safe holiday!

I adore my clients and I have so much fun with them. But, sometimes I just want to shoot for me. Diana, a friend of mine, agreed to be my guinea pig for some ideas I had. I did all the styling, hair and makeup. I also decided to go with a slightly heavier post processing than my normal, very clean, look. Here's the first of our two looks.

Come back tomorrow for the second look!

Welcome to week nine of my new weekly photo challenge. This challenge is open to everybody regardless of camera type or skill level. It’s all about creativity and having fun!

Here is the winner of the eighth week of the challenge!

This sweet shot is by Anna Bejger. A beautiful little girl looking very cozy indeed! To see all the entries head over to the facebook page.

The word for Week #9 is:


To participate, it’s easy. I will give a weekly word and it’s up to you to interpret that word in photo form. After you take your photo, simply email it to me at and I will upload it to my facebook page to share with everybody. After the submission period is over, I will pick a winner to be featured the following week on the blog along with a new word for the next challenge.

NOTE: I started this challenge to encourage people to take new photos that pertain to the theme. People have primarily been submitting photos they already had on hand. This is okay and for now I will continue to accept them but please consider taking some time and really create a photo especially for the challenge. Thanks!

You have until Thursday, September 22nd at 12:00 PM to email me your photo. If you have a site, blog or anything else you’d like me to link to if you win, please make sure to include it in the description. Also, feel free to tell us about your photo and thought process! This isn't required, you can always just let everybody interpret it themselves.

If you have any questions, just ask me!

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