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I can't even describe how much I love this session! I actually met Meaghan back when I was still in school, and we connected over our love of tattoos, animals and general sarcasm. Now Meaghan and Wes are expecting their baby girl in only a few more weeks. They were completely open to whatever I could come up with for the session, and I love how it turned out!

Sweet and gorgeous!

Meaghan worked it like a supermodel.. even if she might disagree :)

I am crazy for the gorgeous light at sunset..

I can't wait to meet baby Nora, I know she'll be just as awesome as her parents.

Welcome to week nine of my new weekly photo challenge. This challenge is open to everybody regardless of camera type or skill level. It’s all about creativity and having fun!

Here is the winner of the eighth week of the challenge!

This sweet shot is by Anna Bejger. A beautiful little girl looking very cozy indeed! To see all the entries head over to the facebook page.

The word for Week #9 is:


To participate, it’s easy. I will give a weekly word and it’s up to you to interpret that word in photo form. After you take your photo, simply email it to me at and I will upload it to my facebook page to share with everybody. After the submission period is over, I will pick a winner to be featured the following week on the blog along with a new word for the next challenge.

NOTE: I started this challenge to encourage people to take new photos that pertain to the theme. People have primarily been submitting photos they already had on hand. This is okay and for now I will continue to accept them but please consider taking some time and really create a photo especially for the challenge. Thanks!

You have until Thursday, September 22nd at 12:00 PM to email me your photo. If you have a site, blog or anything else you’d like me to link to if you win, please make sure to include it in the description. Also, feel free to tell us about your photo and thought process! This isn't required, you can always just let everybody interpret it themselves.

If you have any questions, just ask me!

Not only do I love my job because it's fun and I get to create art for people.. but I seriously meet the COOLEST people doing what I do. Shannon, Randall and little Tinsley were definitely no exception. They were so much fun to hang out with and totally adorable in front of the camera. Tinsley will be a big sister coming up next month, and I think she's going to be great in that role!

Don't you love that sweet face?

America's Next Top Model has nothing on Shannon, she was fierce!

This may be my number one favorite from the session.. so cute!

Thanks again for spending a warm evening out on the town with me, you guys! Best wishes for your new little one.

One of my maternity sessions from yesterday:

This beautiful Mom and I tried some new things with great success!

More to come...

Alex and Gene were real troopers when it came to shooting in the slightly warm temperatures yesterday. We got lots of fabulous shots!

Here are a few random ones I loved.

Thanks for looking and have a great Tuesday!

It was only a few weeks after I had Zaida when we got the call that my sister in law Amber had been taken to the hospital after having a seizure. Long story short, miss Analise was born a full two months early. She spent those first two months in the NICU but finally got to come home in the second half of April. She is constantly growing and changing, and she is such a happy little girl. At six months she is still a petite little flower at just over ten lbs. However, since she was less than three pounds at birth, that's quite the improvement!

Here's a photo of Analise not long after she was born.

And here she is now!

Thanks for looking and happy Wednesday! Don't forget to enter this week's photo challenge.

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