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Ask Me: What do we wear to our engagement session?

There is always one big question that every couple asks, after we schedule their engagement session. “What do we wear?!” First off, don’t worry! There is only one thing I truly require of my couples when it comes to picking their engagement outfits. I ask that you dress comfortably! Now, this doesn’t mean the kind […]

Ask Me! Episode One..

Welcome to the very first episode of Ask Me! Here’s the first set of questions… I got some good ones! Are you registered? I realize you don’t have to be to work, but I wondered if you went that far right away. The first thing I did was get a tax ID number. I didn’t […]

You ask… I’ll answer!

Okay, I regularly get emails from people asking me how I do something in particular; camera settings, photoshop questions, and more. I also get a lot of requests for mentoring. Unfortunately, right now that’s really not something I have time for, as much as I’d love to! My schedule is crazy. But, I would love […]