Wrapping around the Christmas Tree…

Brrr… we are still deep in the grasps of an arctic blast here in the Dallas metro area. It sleeted last night and it’s still on the ground in many places. I had an appointment earlier today, so I had to brave the ice in my little car, and figured since I was out anyhow, I might as well wrap up Christmas shopping for my husband. Then I sat on the living room floor and wrapped gifts while watching Christmas classics and eating a candy cane.

That’s the life, my friends!

Since we have lived together, Brian and I have acquired a a new Christmas ornament every year. I thought I’d share our collection so far. 🙂

Christmas 2004 and Christmas 2005 ornaments.

The reindeer ornament was Christmas 2006, and we actually got two ornaments for Christmas 2007. We got engaged in Venice, Italy and then we got married in the same year, so we got ornaments representing both events!

Here is this year’s Christmas 2008 ornament!

Hope you are all staying warm out there.


7 Responses to “Wrapping around the Christmas Tree…”

  1. Melissa says:

    Awwe, I love you guys! The cutest. <3

  2. Kelly LaBruyere says:

    I love all of your ornaments! That is a great tradition to have.

  3. Grant and Leandra says:

    So cute! Grant and I are slowly accumulating our own Christmas decorations and it is fun. I love the Venice ornament!

  4. Deb says:

    Brrr…it shouldn’t be cold in Texas. I’m in northern Michigan and its freezing cold (like negative number cold). I thought places like Texas would be warm this time of year. Hope it warms up for you soon.

  5. Autumn Gibson says:

    What a great tradition to have! It’ll be fun to look back at these over the years and remember each Christmas:)

  6. ohana photographers-david and kimi says:

    yay christmas!! love your ornaments! hope you have a rad christmas brandi!!

  7. lizEsmithson says:

    This is an awesome blog, you definitely don’t have to thank me for watching, i love your photos.


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