Who Inspires Me?

Warning, please do not click on any of these links unless you have time to kill. You will be stuck at your computer for hours pouring over amazing photography!!

These are a few of the many, many blogs that I frequent. I tried to keep it short, and there are lots of photographer’s I love that I didn’t include on the list.

I think that the following photographers really capture PERSONALITY, which is what I also aim to capture. They are very creative both in the angles and the technical aspects they use. Many of them consistently use a very shallow depth of field, which is a look that I love.

Enjoy!!! Leave them lots of blog loving!! <-- super fave <-- super fave <-- super fave <-- super fave <-- super fave Again.. these aren’t even all my favorite photographers.. I have a lot more.. I will make another post in the future, sharing some more of my favorites. After you’ve had some time to digest these goodies.

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