Vintage Wedding Goodies

For some reason I hadn’t yet visited this AWESOME blog chock full of goodies. Check it out:

It’s all about sweet vintage themed weddings and has TONS, and I do mean TONS, of DIY stuff on it. I adore sweet personal touches in weddings, and this blog has lots of great ideas.

Also, you can check sites like Etsy for awesome vintage finds!

Adorable 60s wedding dress!

What about some cool 40’s wedding photos from the amazing Fashion-Era website? (PS: If you’ve never been to this site.. check it out.. it’s awesome!)

Cool photos and fashions from real 1940’s weddings!

I even have a cool 60’s vintage wedding gown myself, that I bought at Goodwill! I have several vintage dresses, just because I love that kind of thing. You never know what you’ll find at your local thrift stores. It’s fun to go exploring with a group of girlfriends and see what kind of treasures turn up!

Until next time.. 🙂

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