TWU + UNT Annual Red Fashion Show benefiting Go Red for Women

Every year, TWU and UNT put on a collaborative fashion show benefiting Go Red for Women, which you probably know, is a group that helps promote awareness about women’s heart health. Heart disease is one of the number one leading causes of death in women.

I was actually one of the student models in the show, so I couldn’t get actual photos OF the show, but I took a bunch backstage. So, here is your sneak peek into the backstage world of a fashion show. 😉

Of course, all the models had to have rad hair and makeup, courtesy a very talented team of student volunteers.

The majority of the garments were constructed by students of TWU’s and UNT’s (that includes me!) fashion departments. A couple of the garments were constructed by professors. They were all red, of course, to show support for Go Red for Women!

Discussing coordination of the event.

A girl’s got to have shoes! Can’t go down the runway barefoot. 🙂

Made up models waiting for the show to get on the road..

Two of my ladies from school. Yes, they are as much fun as they look. Oh, the dress in the front left hand corner is MY submission for the red show!

The theme of the show was “Dancing with the Go Red Stars” so in between each ‘scene’ of the show, there were dancers preforming! Here is one of the couples practicing beforehand.

I just thought this was a rad shot! He looks so intent.

To finish us off…Here I am, ready for a fierce runway walk. Do you think Tyra would approve?


2 Responses to “TWU + UNT Annual Red Fashion Show benefiting Go Red for Women”

  1. Kellie says:

    random question… do you often shoot with your middle finger? or is that just a one off because you were looking in the mirror too??

    looked like a fun show! and nice dress in the left hand corner! 🙂

  2. ohana photographers-david and kimi says:

    fashion shows are awesome! love all the red!

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