Top Chef Finale – Who will be Top Chef??

Well, last week Brian and I were sad to see Fabio pack his knives and go. We loved Fabio’s sense of humor and his obvious love for his family (and the fact Brian’s family is Italian might have a tiny bit to do with the bias as well).

Tonight it is down to..

Stefan.. the “I’m talented and I know it” one…

Carla.. the slightly wacky but lovable one who’s come charging in from the back of the pack..

Hosea.. The one who is obsessed with beating out Stefan..

We are rooting for Carla! If Stefan wasn’t such a meanie-pants, I would vote for him, but he is! So, Ms Carla.. good luck!


2 Responses to “Top Chef Finale – Who will be Top Chef??”

  1. Charise (Photography By Charise) says:

    I too am super sad about Fabio! His current restaurant is just about 10 minutes from my home so I suppose I could go visit him in real life…but still would have loved to see him win.

  2. Lara says:

    Totally agree! GO CARLA! She’s a wackado and i love it

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