Time to vote, vote, vote! – Voting ends September 27th!

Well the contest has come to an end. I will be honest, I thought that I’d get a little more response to the contest, but you know what, that’s okay, because the couples who entered have a higher chance of winning now! πŸ™‚ I did unfortunately get a couple of incomplete entries, so I wasn’t able to include them. πŸ™

Check out our couples below, read their stories, and cast your vote!

Both of the couples who do not win the free session will get 15% off a session! So in the end, everybody is a winner. Yay!

Arroxane and Mike

They had no picture to send me, so I had to improvise one of my own.


Both of us are online gamers and our lives revolve around computers. So, naturally, we met online. After a few thousand IMs he asked me out. I was very nervous about meeting this stranger. I googled his name and found out as much as I could–even dating sites he’d signed up on! Still, I was anxious and needed a situation where we could meet but feel safe.

I heard that there was a preview showing of the upcoming movie Serenity based the TV series, Firefly. We’d talked about Firefly in our virtual conversations, So I asked if he could pick up the pass for us. He stood in line to get the pass and then, the day of the preview, again waited in line–since the show was first come, first seated.

What I didn’t tell him was that many of my friends had also gotten passes to the movie! So he stood in line for several hours hobnobbing with folks I had known for years. When I showed up, I formally introduced him to them. We enjoyed the movie and had a lovely evening chatting about it and the original series afterward.

The next day I asked my friends what they thought of him. They all agreed he was a nice fellow and wanted to know whether we were we “a thing.” After their giving him a two-thumbs-up, I decided that being “a thing” was a pretty good idea.

That was three years ago. Last fall he asked me to marry him and this winter we’ll be married. Together we found ‘serenity’ and made the ‘fire fly’!

Brandy and Katie

Good name! πŸ™‚


Let’s turn back the hands of time to the year 2000, the month of August, and the time being 7:22 am. It was a hot, humid morning and there I was twirling and tossing my flag marching the newest part of our routine, when I glided by her. She was playing away on her bass clarinet, wearing those aptly-named “dyke” glasses, with curly, dirty-blonde hair tucked behind each ear, and I thought to myself, “Who is that?!” The next thing I knew I was flat on my back on hard as hell pavement staring up at the blue morning sky; then there she was…kneeling beside me and asking me if I was alright. I then realized that clumsy me had gotten distracted looking at this wonderful woman, and tripped myself with my own flag by not paying attention to what I was doing. I quickly assessed myself that I could move all of my limbs, and definitely could feel the burning pain in my butt, elbows, and skull. Then embarrassment settled in. My face went as red as a tomato, and my mind went blank of what it is one should respond with when asked “Are you okay?” So therefore, I randomly blurted out, “I have to pee.” Oh jeeze! I thought to myself, “Could this get any worse?” Of course by this time, more people have congregated around me making sure I’m okay, and my flag director is glaring at me indicating that he is not happy that I “decided” to fall down. Once I’ve been deemed okay to stand, our director turns to this woman I have literally just fallen head-over-heels for to walk with me to go see the school nurse. It was in that moment when she looked up and grinned at me, that I lost my footing once more ending up this time face first on the same pavement. To this day I’m still not sure if it was the conk to the back of my head or her smile that made me hit the ground.

After I was looked at by the nurse and patched up, ‘she’ was there waiting for me. Almost eight years later I still seem to lose my bearings whenever I’m with her, and have plenty of additional scars to add to those first few I made when I met her. She is the person I knew, with every fiber of my being, that I was meant to be with, and I can not wait for the day that I can stand before our family and friends and say those two wonderful words, “I Do.”

Stacia and Phil


My husband Phil grew up in Binghamton, New York….He heard that one of his friends was moving down to Texas, so he decided to pack up his stuff and move from the only place he had ever known. So he moved down to Texas and settling in, he went to a nearby bank to set up an account. When he was walking into the bank, he ran into a guy that he had grown up with as a child and teenager that actually lived down the street from him almost his whole life! They were best friends growing up. That guy had moved to Texas a couple years earlier and had happened to move to the same town that my husband did, and was at the very bank that my husband chose to go to. If he had been only a couple minutes late going to the bank, the guy would of already been gone. As a kid, my husband got him to go to church with him, bible camp, stuff like that. Then as my husband grew older, he wasn’t going to church any longer. The guy he ran into kept in touch with my husband and eventually they ended up being roomates. The guy kept trying to get my husband to go to church with him, but he didn’t want to. Finally he got him to go…where he met me. We went out for only a very short 82 days, before he proposed to me. We have been happily married for over 4 years now. I can say with absolute certainty that marrying Phil was by far the best choice I have ever made in my entire life. He is the love of my life, and I don’t know what I would do, or where I would be without him. He makes me so happy, and fills my life with so much joy, and so much happiness. I am so glad that he decided to just, “up and move” all the way from UpState New York…to Texas of all places! Everything just fell into place so perfectly, and our love grows deeper, and more precious day by day. We would feel honored to have pictures capturing our love, and our lives together.

Thanks again to the couples who DID enter and I am excited to see the winner!!

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Brandy and Katie
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