The weather outside is frightful..

Okay, perhaps it’s not actually frightful. Not here in Texas anyhow! Perhaps for some of our friends up in the Northern part of the country. But it is getting cold! Tonight we are supposed to hit a low of around 33, which means I will surely be burning a fire. Brrrr!

I am super excited for the holiday season. I to decorate for Christmas! I love Christmas music, I love cheesy Christmas television specials (You can ask my Husband.. I’m sort of obsessed with Rudolph).

Ah… just next week indicates the start of house decorating, tree trimming, Christmas carols and oh yeah..

…dog decorating!

Okay.. so this isn’t the most ‘flattering’ shot in the world, but the way he looks when he’s sitting like that just cracks me up! I had to include it.

Nothing says I love you quite like the look of utter annoyance.

What are YOUR favorite Christmas traditions?


3 Responses to “The weather outside is frightful..”

  1. Jess says:

    I have some dog decorating pictures I need to show you… with that same look of annoyance 🙂

  2. lynn says:

    The week after Halloween Target had all their Halloween stuff at 90% off so I bought a spiked hat-thing for my cats (50-cents!) and this hilarious pair of cat-sized black bat wings, with shiny red accents. ($1!)

    We kept them on the cats for maybe 35 seconds but it was still the best $1.50 I’ve spent in my life. My black cat is naturally evil, and he was actually the best sport and walked around with black wings that were made for him. It was SO funny!

    Now my dog would be so scared she would never allow it. Your lab looks very patient. 🙂

  3. Beautiful Moments Photography says:

    LOL, I have some photos of my late dog Harley with these ears, how funny! Who say’s the dogs can’t get in on the Christmas Spirit!

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