Just to let everyone know, if I am a little slow over the next week or week and a half.. I am NOT ignoring you. I am just up to my eyeballs with school work. We only have a few weeks left and it is mega-crunch time. I have three papers (all group projects, my favorite .. har har) and two presentations due next week alone, and a bunch of other stuff due very soon there after.

But, that should probably say week.. not day 😛


2 Responses to “Swamped..”

  1. brandy m. says:

    don’t forget to come up and breathe! ^_^

  2. Grant and Leandra says:

    We feel you (still finishing up school as well..). Sometimes you just want to throw up your hands and quit! Hope the week goes more smoothly than you expect, and that you don’t forget to have some fun! -Leandra

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