Spread the awesome rockstar wedding photography love!

I have been asked by multiple people if I had a banner they could put on their blogs, myspaces and what not. I LOVE you guys for wanting to spread the rockstar photography goodness. I finally got around to making some cool banners. I made them kind of untraditional sizes, since, well, I’m an untraditional kind of girl!

If you want to snatch a cool banner for your cozy home on the web, just copy and paste the code under the banner of your choice. It’s already hosted on my server, and it’ll automatically link back to the main page at, and even open in a new window. I’ve got mad geek skills, yes I do!

Thanks guys! You are simply the best!!


3 Responses to “Spread the awesome rockstar wedding photography love!”

  1. Alicia says:

    What a great idea – these look awesome!!

  2. Rachael Earl says:

    I love the Brides Just Wanna Have Fun!

  3. Desi says:

    i am LOVING the last one!

    great work.

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