Sophia turns four (and has a totally rad sock hop birthday party!)

Warning, the following post may cause your head to explode with extreme cuteness! Brandi Thompson Photography is not responsible for any cuteness-induced comas. 🙂

Yesterday (Saturday) I had the privilege of attending Sophia’s awesome sock hop birthday party! When I walked in the door I was giddy with excitement, because everything was pink and black (obviously, my signature colors!) and there were poodle skirts galore. It was a sight to be seen. Diana, Sophia’s mom, did such a fabulous job in planning the party. There were games, prizes, fun car shaped goodie boxes and one of the best cakes ever!!

Check it out!

Here’s our adorable birthday girl!

Sweet hula hooping action.

Told you! I love this cake.

Some of the super cute decor and goodie boxes.

A small sampling of the adorable-ness that was this party.

They had a Polaroid camera for vintage feeling photos! A moment of silence for the now extinct Polaroid. Sniffle. (In case you’re thinking that the handsome gentlemen in the polaroids look familiar, you’re right! That’s one of the “world’s cutest nephews” with his daddy.)

Games included musical chairs..

.. The competition got pretty fierce, as you can see here.

There was also ring toss and the neatest pin the tail on the donkey I’ve ever seen.

Pinata! There were quite a few mighty swingers, but this is the young man who busted it open. You will notice that I have no fear when it comes to getting in the middle of the action. Candy could have hit me in the face, but it’s worth it for the perfect shot. 😉 (Note: No photographers were harmed in the making of these photos!)

Sophia waiting for her candles to be lit..

Ready..set.. blow!

Happy Birthday miss Sophia and thanks again for having me out!


5 Responses to “Sophia turns four (and has a totally rad sock hop birthday party!)”

  1. Zak says:

    How cute is she? That outfit is adorable! 🙂 I miss my polaroid. 🙁 Get job Brandi! 🙂

  2. Annie Warren says:

    Hi Brandi. Just popping in from Australia to check out your awesome, rockstar blog! Speaking of rockstars, these images are just gorgeous. Beautiful poppy colors and clarity, and right in there with the action. All those sweet litte faces, yummy details, and the birthday girl is gorgeous. That 50’s poodle outfit… and the CAKE! OMG…. brilliant.

  3. Grant and Leandra says:

    Looks like a fun party! She’s adorable. And that cake looks too good to eat!

  4. Amy says:

    Hello adorable cake! This is just the most darling birthday celebration, how great to have it all captured.

  5. Kelly LaBruyere says:

    Wow, this looks like such a fun party! These are so adorable. I love how her dress matches the cake.

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