Shoes + Adventuring in my own backyard

Well, it is such an amazing day, I had to get out for a minute and shoot SOMETHING, even though I should be doing a lot of productive stuff right now before we jet off to Washington DC this weekend. Well, I have already done a bunch of laundry and the dishes, so I deserve a break.. right? 🙂

So, since I wanted to keep it quick, I adventured into the backyard to see if I could find a new space I hadn’t used yet (always a fun exercise as a photographer, find new spaces). I checked out the “side yard” aka that 4 foot bit of grass along the side between the fence and the house. I don’t venture over there very much.

Here’s the shoes..

Wouldn’t it be nifty if we could just plant trees that grew awesome shoes?

While I was back in the side-yard shooting the shoes I smelled something familiar but oddly out of place in my backyard. What was that smell? Then I realized what it was – mint! I looked down and I was standing right by a clump of mint plants. I looked around and noticed a bunch growing along the fence. It’s been winter, so we haven’t had the lawn guy out in a while – hence the jungle like side yard.

Mint! It smells really good.

After seeing the mint, I figured perhaps the previous resident had planted it back here, although it seemed pretty random. Then I saw something else totally out of place in the yard.

A little bity strawberry!

I actually saw two of them in the backyard, right along the fence line, and I noticed the vine was coming from under the fence.. from the neighbors yard. I peeked through a knothole in the fence, and sure enough, the neighbors have a wild unkempt garden over there, and it is leaking into our yard. I used my super amazing ninja photography skills to take a picture through the knothole in the fence.

This garden needs some love. Perhaps I can volunteer in exchange for strawberries?

That was my adventure for today! Stay tuned for some pictures from Washington DC this weekend.


5 Responses to “Shoes + Adventuring in my own backyard”

  1. Andy Schwartz says:

    These make me so jealous…for the weather..not the shoes 🙂 But, they remind me that it’s coming soon!

    Grrr…..Come on spring!!

  2. Studio222 Photography says:

    Yeah, I have a shoe problem. I love them!!!!! I’ve been avoiding posting photos of my newest loves because I don’t want people to know how much I spend on shoes. LOL!

  3. Dorie Howell Photography says:

    I want a shoe tree like that in my back yard! Nice.

  4. Grant and Leandra says:

    Fun! Nice bokeh too!

  5. Sylvia Borgo Photography says:

    Ohhh, that picture of that little bitty strawberry. Such a delicious surprise.

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