Rockstar Roadtrip: Day Two – Louisville, Kentucky

Today is absolutely gorgeous up here in Louisville! I am kicking back on the couch with my laptop. Now, on with the story..

We got up early, around 5:15 on Monday morning. We headed out with the goal to make it to Memphis by around 9:30 so we could locate free Wifi and jump up to buy our Depeche Mode tickets.

Coming into Memphis and passing under the official Tennessee sign.

We were successful in purchasing our Depeche Mode tickets, as you already know, and then we jumped back on the highway to make our way through Tennessee, up to Kentucky. While the drive through Tennessee is pretty, I can’t say it was that interesting.

This is what we looked at pretty much the entire time. It was overcast too, which made me feel even sleepier.

We made it to Kentucky, yay!

There are more rickety old barns in Kentucky than anywhere else in the country, I’m pretty sure. We had to have passed about 500 of them.

After we got to Brian’s uncles’ house, we got settled, and went out to see Brian’s grandmother. Everybody calls her “Ma”, including me. She’s absolutely the most adorable little Italian woman you’ve ever seen. She worked everyday until her stroke a couple of years ago, including working yearly at the Kentucky Derby. Just like me, Brian is very close to his Ma, so it was really great that we were able to come up here and see her.

Brian, Ma and two of his uncles.

Love this picture 🙂

After we visited with Ma for a while, we headed out to an Italian restaurant and met up with two of Brian’s cousins and a friend of theirs. We had a nice dinner, and one of Brian’s cousins suggested we head out to a bar for a while, so we did!

We had a few drinks and played some pool.

Brian’s cousin’s roomate, Ken.

Brian ready to shoot.

Brian and I won three games before we finally had to let someone else win. 😉 We had lots of fun!

More to come tomorrow.. 🙂


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  1. Grant and Leandra says:

    Loving the barn shot and the 8 balls.

  2. mandybadger says:

    Brian’s cousins roommate is HOT. Just like your photos. 😀

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