Rockstar Roadtrip: Day One – Russellville, Arkansas

Brian and I have arrived in gorgeous Louisville in one piece. Now I have access to the interwebs again and can post some photos.

Note.. my laptop is not calibrated, so if my photos look a little off, forgive me. That was something I forgot to do before we left!

Here goes…

Shot out of the window at probably 80 miles an hour. The sun was barely peeking through the clouds.

A creepy building somewhere in Oklahoma off highway 69.

I travel in comfort AND in style.

What else is there to do when you’re sitting in the car and you have a camera handy? Take a close look at the reflection in each eye.

We made it up to Russellville, where my grandparents (dad’s side) live around 2:30 PM. We sat inside and chit chatted for a little bit and then we roamed around their property for a while, because Brian had never been there.

Super rad old cars!

Having a little fun with processing..

Brian snapped a photo of me, still rocking my slippers.

Me with my Grandpa and Grandma.

The car that my Grandpa is wheeling out was built completely from scratch by him. All by himself! He built the entire frame and used various parts from various appliances to make it run. He has driven it in local parades. Pretty darn rad, if I say so myself!

After we checked out the car, Grandpa brought out his super-hoss lawn mower to let Brian play on it. Here he is explaining how to steer it. Brian is paying close attention.

What you can’t see, is that in his mind, Brian is adding this machine to his list of expensive toys he plans to buy one day.

A picture of my Grandma on a race car my Grandpa sponsored back in the 70s. This shop is still in downtown Dallas, but it’s just not called Dilling’s Tires anymore… 🙂

Pretty blossoms on a peach tree.

After this we went out to eat, and then they took us down to a gorgeous lake and to see some other cool sites around Russellville. Why no pictures? Because I didn’t realize we were going anywhere after we ate, and I was a fool. Trust me, I won’t repeat that mistake! 🙂

Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s day! I hope everybody enjoys themselves and stays safe!


6 Responses to “Rockstar Roadtrip: Day One – Russellville, Arkansas”

  1. Grant and Leandra says:

    These are so fun! I love roadtrips… the car shots are very cool.

  2. kandaceandjason says:

    Your slippers are awesome. I also have a million odd “me in the car” shots, some of which are cool (try using the reflection of the side mirrors!)

    And your grandma is a gangsta!

  3. Andy Schwartz says:

    Yay for road trips! We are so overdue for one. And your Grandpa is RAD!! What are those little cars, Hillmans?

    Looks like so much fun….Come on up to Michigan.

  4. Sara says:

    What great photos! I’d kill to see an engagement shoot on/around your grandparetns’ old cars.

  5. melanie swan says:

    Loving the car shots!!! I agree with Sara…this would be a fabulous spot for portraits!

  6. Clare Day says:

    LOVE the slippers!!

    I so want to do a road triop though America, its so much more interesting than a road trip in OZ, where everything is too new to be interesting. American small towns have so much character. (or maybe thats just in the movies??)

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