Public Service Announcement – Please, Don’t Text and Drive!!

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This morning I was headed to Denton, probably around two-thirds of the way there when I came upon a vehicle that was severely swerving back and forth across the road. He was in the left land lane and kept going into the middle lane. There were points that he was almost half over the line! Considering it was only around 7:20 in the morning, on a Tuesday, I assumed he was probably not drunk. When I got around him (carefully), I saw what I had assumed.

There he was, looking straight down, both hands on his phone, furiously typing away on his little phone keyboard. Obviously, whatever he was saying was so important that it was worth risking the lives of the other people around him to say it. OR NOT!!

You know… in this day and age, there are SO many distractions on the road. Not only are the long standing issues of eating, drinking and applying makeup in the car. But now we have our cell phones that not only make calls, but browse the internet, text message, and lord knows what else. Not to mention the iPODs and other musical devices. We get so used to fiddling with these various devices that the part of our brain that usually provides the common sense gets shut off at times.

It is not really easy to judge how truly safe you are being while driving under the influence of technology. You might think you’re staying in the lines and paying attention, but you probably aren’t. I bet that guy this morning thought he was totally fine. Of course, the kicker is that on my way HOME, I came up behind a very slow moving vehicle, going around 45 in a 65 zone. I go around her, and I glance over and see an older woman peering intently at her phone.


Now, I am not just going to complain and not offer a solution. That’d be pretty lame of me. I will now offer you a few helpful tips on how to resist technology temptations while you’re driving.

1. You hear that familiar musical chime that indicates someone has just sent you a text message. Yay! It’s kind of like getting a letter in the mail, but instantaneous and usually with butchered grammar. Instead of digging, reaching, grabbing for your phone in a rush to find out who it was and what they’re saying. Stop, and count to ten. Ask yourself, can it be THAT important? I doubt that anyone is sending you a text message on a life and death matter. Wait until you reach the next stop light! If you find that you can’t resist that sweet sound, put your phone on silent while you’re driving and throw it in the backseat.

2. You’re meeting your friend Sally for lunch and you couldn’t decide which pair of shoes to wear so you’re running a bit late. You think about sending her a text to let her know you’ll be there at 3:15 and not 3:00 sharp. Stop! Think about it for a minute. Are you habitually late? (Be honest) If the answer is yes, then Sally probably expects you to be late and therefore does not need to be told. If you really must tell Sally you are running late, I suggest a two second phone conversation that consists of “Hey, it’s me, I’m running a few minutes late, I’ll see you there!” instead of texting.

3. You’re the “play all songs” type on your iPod (or other musical device) and then you spend half your time skipping to songs you really want to hear. Make some playlists! Start one at the beginning of your drive. Otherwise, wait until a stoplight to browse your music.

In all seriousness, people, this is an epidemic in my opinion. People have gotten so sloppy with their driving, and it personally scares me! I do a lot of driving and I pass someone looking down at their cell phone or at least talking on it (and driving very slowly) 2-3 times a day. Please do your part and DRIVE SMART!!


6 Responses to “Public Service Announcement – Please, Don’t Text and Drive!!”

  1. Martha Howell says:

    Great post! I have several friends who like to ‘drive’ with their knees and text – I now REFUSE to ride with them…

    Thanks for providing ways to resist the lures of texting while driving!

  2. Zak says:

    I too can always tell who’s texting/talking on their phone before I pass them. I use my bluetooth speaker all the time, but am amazed at the folks who don’t. It’s actually illegal in CA to talk on your phone without a hands free device. Nowadays with two young children I am the most defensive driver around. 🙂

  3. Studio222 Photography says:

    That is definitely something I need to work on. With an iphone it’s just so easy to get distracted.

  4. Danielle Murphy says:

    Great post Brandi–I have been a lot more careful since reading this post on OSP. So you are making a difference. Thanks.

  5. annalynchmcclary says:

    I hate to admit it, but I used to text and drive. It wasn’t until a close call that I said no more. I’m so glad that texting and driving is getting more of a public platform.

  6. rowena says:

    Good post, accidents can happen in a blink of an eye.

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