Pretty Portrait Photography in a Plano Park….

Say that five times fast 🙂 It’s like a tongue twister. I have been fond of alliteration ever since I learned what it was in second grade. I’m a nerd like that, but it’s cool.

Anyhow.. even though today was way cooler than the last two days, my friend Svaya and I decided to just have some fun. First we got pedicures, and that ended up taking way longer than we anticipated, so we were facing sundown in a hurry. Plus, the temperature was taking a nose dive. We only shot about twenty minutes, but we got some killer stuff.


4 Responses to “Pretty Portrait Photography in a Plano Park….”

  1. Danielle Murphy says:

    Great shots Brandi. I love the black and white through the fence. She has really pretty eyes.

  2. Candy says:

    Awesome Black and White conversions!! She is a beauty!

  3. annalynchmcclary says:

    Pedicures sounds like a little bit of heaven! Love both of the black and whites.

  4. Rita says:

    6 and 12 are awesome! I love the conversions and composition on these two.

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