Our state fair is the best state fair…

Fair Park is one of my favorite places on the planet. I have always loved to go to the Texas State Fair, but even going to Fair Park during the off season is wonderful. It is full of beautiful art deco buildings and art work. Every time I go I find something new and frankly, awesome.

We went to shoot Cicelyann’s Vogue Bridals there yesterday, and it was all torn up due to some construction. They’ve been deconstructing (or something) the Cotton Bowl for quite some time, and now they’ve got some of the roads inside the park all torn up as well. I can’t help but feel a bit of concern, but I trust that they will retain the beauty of the original fairgrounds while updating whatever may need to be updated.

Here are a few snaps of the scenery while we were running around yesterday.

Our iconic Ferris Wheel. Even I, with my fear of heights, have ridden it!

Lilypads in the lagoon.

Inside a livestock building.

Inside the same livestock building. Hot, dusty and a little smelly but beautifully vintage.

Self explanatory!

Behind the Cotton Bowl.

In other news, I am working away on sessions. Becka’s Vogue Bridals are polished off and Lyndsey’s session is just about finished. After wrapping up my family portraits, I will get to work on finishing up yesterday’s sessions!

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