North Texas Cat Rescue – Holidays are upon us!

Mmmm.. cold weather.. it’s finally reaching us, even here in Texas! Just imagine.. you pull on your favorite PJ pants, grab a soft comforter and snuggle up on the couch to watch a little holiday programming… Sounds good to me! The one thing you need to make this the PERFECT cold weather scenario is a warm, fuzzy body purring next to you! Or.. if you’re like me.. three of them.. But one is nice too 😉

So where can you get this soft, loving, purring companion? I know just the place.. My friends at the North Texas Cat Rescue have several beautiful kitties who are just perfect for snuggling! Today we had some fun with some holiday props to get ready for the upcoming Christmas season!

The great news is that in the last week NTCR had fifteen adoptions! Isn’t that great? I even saw someone today filling out paperwork for yet another one. It makes me so happy to see these awesome kitties are going to happy homes.

So without further chatter.. Check out this week’s kitties!












We call that a one two sucker punch of cuteness! I mean.. seriously?






And now…… for one of the cutest pictures ever taken… Christmas kitties!

Don’t you want to take one home today?

Be sure to contact the North Texas Cat Rescue to find out how one of these sweeties can be your companion for the next twenty years!


2 Responses to “North Texas Cat Rescue – Holidays are upon us!”

  1. Melissa says:

    Holy crap, can you send Lulu to me? Haha… Those ears remind me of my Zoeylinn, and I’m totally in love! 😉 You are so good at this, Miss Bri, I can’t believe any of these kitties could go without homes after people see your photos!

  2. lynn says:

    Jullliet looks just like one of my kitties – or at least what she *should* look like. Some jerk disfigured her face, but she’s okay now.

    This is an awesome service you are providing. I would love to do this for my local animal shelter. I really should send an email over to them.

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