North Texas Cat Rescue – Adopt These Kitties (Episode Two!!)

Oh boy!! We have a big, big post today, but every single second is enjoyable, so read through! I went out to photograph the kitties from the North Texas Cat Rescue again today. They had a BUNCH of gorgeous, amazing, sweet, happy kitties!! I really have to say these ladies obviously work hard to give these animals happy, healthy homes and they just lavish every single rescue kitty with LOTS OF LOVE. Every kitty I picked up was just purring away. Now, they all weren’t necessarily in a the mood to model, but they were sweet and happy none the less!

Before we begin with the new crop of kitties, I do want to let you all know that the handsome Mr. Hummer is the only kitty from the last batch who has not been adopted.

Look at this face:

He was such a sweetie, I hope someone grabs him up soon!

Now onto a big long list of new kitties!


Okay, I just had to include this, it shows how playful she is!



How amazingly gorgeous is she??? Beautiful!


Now, Jasper is a girl, not a boy, just so everyone knows. She was pretty rambunctious, so I didn’t get a chance to get some good full body shots, but she was amazingly gorgeous. Super fluffy!!

She’s not mad.. just talkative.. 🙂


So cuuuute. Love her ears.


Peti was another mover and shaker, not in the mood to be photographed, but super sweet and lovable!!


I love how sophisticated Tucker looks.


A-mazing! I love black cats.


Okay, this may be Jester, and Jester may be Bobby, but we’ll go with this for now 😉



Bobby, Jester, and Oscar were all sleeping in the cutest pile, I felt bad waking them up to take their picture! These are some sweet kittens.

“Little” Susan

Susan is a very special adoptee. She had a badly broken leg and nerve damage, so one of her back legs had to be removed. The good news is that three legged animals generally have no problem adapting and Susan is SO sweet. She was a little timid, but she loves to cuddle with people and looks like an amazing lap cat. And not to mention her color is beautiful!!


This little sweetie was so laid back! Super cute.




I love tuxedo kitties too.. Wait.. I think I love all kitties.. but still 😛


Raven was getting adopted just as I was leaving, so YAY, but I wanted to share pictures of her anyhow ’cause she’s so pretty.


Raven’s sister who is just as pretty as she is. I wasn’t really able to get a decent body shot, but both Raven and Sorina have very unique coloring where they have kind of a gray overlay on their black fur. Very unique, pretty AND soft.


Denton was another sweet kitty who wasn’t fond of the camera. He has super silky fur and is an amazing looking cat, you should go see him in person.. (and take him home!).


Last, but in NO WAY least we have Mannix. Seriously, so incredibly affectionate. And I think he’s really beautiful too. Mannix has no tail, which makes him stand out in the crowd even more.

Look at those eyes! That face! I maybe a crazy cat lady but I have to say this picture just tugs on my heart.. 🙂 I wish I had some extra space in my house.

I really enjoyed spending time with all the lovely kitties. I cannot stress enough times that these are wonderfully sweet animals who are ready to come give you some love!

Check out the North Texas Cat Rescue page today and find out how you can bring one of these babies home.


6 Responses to “North Texas Cat Rescue – Adopt These Kitties (Episode Two!!)”

  1. Tara D says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to take such wonderful pictures of NTCR’s adoptable kitties. I know that because of this, these boys and girls will have a better chance for adoption. Thanks!!!
    Tara (foster mommy with NTCR)

  2. lynn says:

    Wow, great job again! Susan is similar looking to one of my kitties, who also was the victim of some traumatizing stuff. Mannix’s mustache is seriously KILLING ME! 😀

  3. deborahgreenphotography says:


    These are adorable. Hubby and I run an Alley-Cat Rescue among other things on our plate. I take pics of the cats when needed and design posters. That helps tug at people’s hearts to get them adopted out sooner. This year alone so far, we have adopted out about 44 cats. Also I created a compelling slide show to present to people which helps with donations.

    Debbie from OSP.

  4. Cheyenne Schultz says:

    Goodness, that’s a lot of cats! And all so cute!

  5. Chelo Keys says:

    I want to take them all home! I have two kitties from my local shelter- I hope more people will consider adopting… how could you resist these cuties???

  6. Tiffany Izatt says:

    wow that was a lot of cats….

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