Music Video Friday – The Bangles


I have suffered a very sudden death of my primary hard drive in my desktop computer. That’s the one I generally work on. Don’t worry, ALL CLIENT FILES ARE SAFE! Your photos have been backed up, so everybody is good to go.. Except me. It will take me some time to get my desktop back up and running. I am working right now on getting everything set up, but it will take me a few days to get everything installed, all the back ups implemented and be working smoothly again. I appreciate your patience!

Now back to your previously schedule post.

Okay, I love the Bangles, I do, but I will say this video has to be one of the worst. But, I’m still posting it! I chose this song in honor of finishing the semester.. because of this line:

“All the school kids so sick of books
They like the punk and the metal band”


You should watch it anyway!

The Bangles – Walk Like an Egyptian

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