Music Video Friday – T Rex

A minor note before we get to the music goodness. Ack, I was just now looking over the photos I posted with my laptop while we were gone. The colors are all ooooooover the place, so I apologize. Photos gone wacky!! 🙂 I knew they weren’t quite right, but goodness! Now I am back home on the photo-editing-machine so this blog will return to property edited goodness. 🙂

NOW! Onto the tunes. Today I am going to take you WAY back. Further than I normally do. Back to.. the 1970s.

T. Rex – Children of the Revolution

Back when I was oh say.. 16 – 18, I was totally obsessed with the 70s glam rock era. I still love it, and I adore David Bowie! I’ll have to post some Bowie up here soon. 🙂

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