Miss America!

Tonight is the Miss America pageant, now being aired on TLC. I know that the ratings for pageants have been dwindling, so last year there was a mini series held before the pageant, and I had to watch of course. I blame TLC for placing it after one of my long time favorite shows, What Not to Wear. Of course, I watched it again this year as well!

Apparently when I was a baby, or a small toddler, I won third place in a baby pageant. My Mother swears had I not been in a grumpy mood and smiled I would have won first place. That was my only venture into pageantry.

Awww, look at my fat little cheeks!*

When I was younger and I watched pageants, I always wanted the brunettes to win. Not that I was biased or anything.. 🙂

This year I hope it goes to Miss Indiana, who, at least on TV, appears intelligent, talented and well collected. Good luck Miss Indiana!

*Note: I don’t advocate scanning in your printed images! However, this image is almost 25 years old, and I have no idea where it was taken, and I don’t plan on printing it out 😛


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  1. L y s h a says:

    Congrats to Miss Indiana!

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