Merry Christmas to All!

Well, Brian and I went out tonight to drive around and look at some lights. We saw some pretty nice stuff but nothing that was spectacular. All the really nice stuff is a good 30+ minute drive away, and we didn’t feel like straying too far from home.

Brian said “Ooooh a Cowboys inflatable!” So I had a snap a picture for him. 😛

After we got home, we opened our gifts to each other. I got things involving a few of my favorite things: shoes, karaoke, Egypt and jewelry ;). One of the things I got for Brian is a telescope, and he was super excited, which always makes me happy! In the morning we are getting up super early to go over and watch his adorable nephews open their gifts.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Christmas with your loved ones tomorrow!


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  1. ohana photographers-david and kimi says:

    all those houses are awesome! especially the first one! i wish we had time this year to go out and look at the neighborhoods that have the crazy lights. maybe next year 🙂

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