Maria and Andra

Went out this evening to meet up with Maria and Andra out in Princeton for some shootin’! They drove all the way from Lewisville to see me, which made me feel pretty darn special. I had lots of fun and we got SO many great shots, here are just a few I pulled from the pile for a preview.

Thanks for hanging out with me, and I’ll have more soon!


4 Responses to “Maria and Andra”

  1. Maria says:


    We want to say SUPER THANKS!!! We had an AWESOME time hanging out with you for couple of hours. The pictures that we’ve viewed in your blog is really breathtaking!! Thanks for making us feel comfortable in our first photo shoot together.

  2. Chelo Keys says:

    I love the last photo!! Neat shot.

  3. Amy says:

    How cool is that first photo, I love the framing in the door, awesome job Brandi.

  4. mathgeek says:

    I have that pair of heels in the last photo. They are super comfy.

    I love the 2nd picture. I wish I had that wind chime.

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