Let’s go exploring..

Today Brian and I went out exploring out Northeast of where we live. We found some beautiful rural areas with all sorts of fun vintage stuff! It’s only about a 20-30 minute drive from where we live, so it doesn’t actually take that long to get from a metro suburban area to get to the gorgeous country! We took our dog, Dante, as well, because he loves a good car trip!

Dante enjoying the wind through his teeth!

Run down country house on the way. One of those snap as you drive type pictures!

Most of the locations we found were in the general Princeton, TX area.

We saw an awesome barn at a bend in the road and had to check it out.

Inside the barn.

Around the right side.

Close up shot!

Beautiful archway of trees down a gravel road. We saw several of these, but this was one of the best.

Open 24 hours!

Then we saw this amazing abandoned farm and yes, we had to pull over again! I absolutely love old buildings. I could photograph them all day long!

Sadly, it was all behind a fence and locked gate.. 🙁

Then we headed into the heart of downtown Princeton, to see what we could find.

Old, abandoned gas station.

Off of the square.

Another view. I love the red brick.

Another old gas station.. pretty simple from the front.. but around the corner we got a fun surprise.

Did I mention I love antiques as well?

On our way back home from Princeton, we stopped at Lafon’s Fireworks and I took some pictures there as well! They had a fun classic car and lots of bright colors. I will post some pics from Lafon’s tomorrow! Stay tuned..

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