Lafon’s Firework Stand

On our way back home from our exploration yesterday, we stopped at Lafon’s firework stand. They were super nice and very helpful in guiding my husband to pick the right fireworks for us. 🙂

To get to Lafon’s from 75, take the Bethany exit (in Allen) and follow it until it turns into Lucas, and then take a left on W Lucas, and you’ll see Lafon’s just up the road. You can’t miss it!

You’ll see why.. 🙂

World class fireworks!

My honey debates on what to get..

Always cheaper.. !

Willing to strike a deal with you..Like small town establishments do!

A tiny bit of their huge selection!

Lots of space to make lots of people happy.

They also had a fun classic car out front, in eye catching yellow.

So if you need some fireworks.. you should go to Lafon’s and check them out!

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