K’s 6th Birthday – Dallas Child Photography

Today we went to Miss K’s sixth birthday party. We didn’t get to stay too long, because I had another birthday party to photograph (see forthcoming blog post!), but I had my camera out of course. When there are cute children present, I must shoot. They may not all be perfect, but they’re still cute.. 🙂

The birthday girl!

The princess cake that the birthday girl baked with Mommy.

Miss D playing with her lipgloss from her goodie bag. Teehee!!

Miss K decided she didn’t WANT me to take her picture anymore, lol, so she was hiding from me.

One of the handsome young men who attended the shin dig, Mr B.

Miss T liberally applying frosting to her cookie.

Mmm that’s a tasty looking cookie, Mom!

More taste testing.

Works of art!

They taste pretty good too!

Moms need cookies too.

Miss K is really concentrating.

K’s Mom! Missed the focus here a bit, but hey.. 🙂 Sometimes photos are good even when they aren’t perfect.

Somebody’s going to be up late tonight 😛

Go, go sugar consumption!

Pretty eyes.. 🙂

It was hard to narrow it down.. They’re all so cute.. 🙂

Stay tuned for some sneak peeks from the great grown up birthday party that I photographed tonight!


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  1. ohana photographers-david and kimi says:

    umm,,, now i want some of those cookies!!!

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