Kids will be kids…

So, yesterday, it was planned that I’d meet up with my awesome sister in law, her husband and their son (our adorable nephew) for some family portraits. Well, everybody was on board with this plan except Barrett. But you know, he’s 18 months old, and I know how kids that age are. You just have to capture them as they are.

Barrett has like the best hair ever. I love it.



Barrett giving mommy a kiss.

Now, honestly I would normally never keep a photo like this because there is such a bad blow out on the top of his head, BUT, it’s so stinking cute and it shows you another shot of his AWESOME HAIR, which was all staticky from coming down the slide. Plus, he’s my nephew, so I still like photos of him, even if they aren’t technically sound. 😉

Barrett gets some air time from Daddy.

Kisses from Daddy too.

We’re going to try again later on for family portraits.. so we’ll see if we get lucky next time! 🙂 I don’t get tired of taking pictures of my adorable nephew, so I’m looking forward to it!


5 Responses to “Kids will be kids…”

  1. andrea says:

    great blog, awesome photographs

  2. Melissa says:

    I think the best thing about the photo of your nephew with his hair blown out is that it totally looks like static from the slide — which is perfect, because what kid DIDN’T slide down on his/her back once in a while?? 😉 He is adorable!

  3. Lori Barbely says:

    Love the hair static from the slide!

  4. The Malhiots says:

    I like pics of B better than I like pics of myself anyway! But yes, we must try again for family pics. Thanks for being so awesome and taking such fabulous pictures! Love you!!

  5. Studio222 Photography says:

    OMG. That staticy hair=adorable

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