Jessica and Daniel’s beautiful outdoor Texas wedding!

The couple of weeks leading up to the wedding had been gorgeous, with sunshine filled days in the upper 70s. Then, four days before the wedding, we were mysteriously transported back to January type weather with several days of rain and highs in the upper 30s. Despite this, when I saw Jessica at their rehearsal on Friday (the 13th!) she had a smile on her face.

The day of the wedding, the weather decided to behave itself and everything went on as planned. It was gorgeous! I was absolutely in love with the red pomanders and the fountain backdrop was perfect.

I love SO many pictures from this wedding it was super hard to choose which ones to blog. There are almost 40 blog images, and trust me, there could have probably been twice that many!

And the bride wore…

Jessica’s sister and Maid of Honor, Megan, did her make up.

Love this shot!

Love this one too 🙂

While I was with Jessica and the girls, Brian was upstairs with the guys.

In the dress!


The boys had one for the road.

You may ask yourself.. is that a ring shot on Rock ’em, Sock ’em robots? You would be correct.

We grabbed some shots of Jessica out on a back porch with beautiful light!

I can’t decide on my favorite shot of the guys.. is it this one.. or.. it this one?

Don’t forget the girls, they’re rockstars too.

Then it was time for the ceremony! It started right on time.

Jessica had six honorary bridesmaid’s as well as her ‘official’ bridal party. They were all equally important, and I love everybody’s coordinating-but-not-matching outfits.

The bridesmaids each had their own style of dress and shoes.

Here comes the bride…

This shot makes me want to cry. You can see how close Jessica and her dad are. Great shot by Brian!

Let’s get married!

Sealed with a kiss.

Officially Mr and Mrs.

Everybody all together.

Loooooove this one.

You could see traces of what had been, but they were too happy to care.

Another fabulous one by Brian.

Instead of a standard cake, Jessica and Daniel had a cupcake tower!

Reception details, including a cool bookmark with a slot for pictures from the photo booth that they had!

Jessica and Daniel’s first dance.

While they were dancing, the DJ announced that the next day was Jessica’s parents wedding anniversary. Twenty-nine years, if I remember right. So, they were invited to come out and share the floor. It was so sweet.

Jessica dancing with her Dad.

Daniel dancing with his mother, who was all smiles the entire day.

Jessica finding a handy place to stick their photo booth photos. 😉

There was no cutting of the cake, but there was feeding of the cupcakes!

Bouquet and garter toss always make for some fun action shots.

The maid of honor and best man gave their speeches. Megan’s speech to her sister even brought tears to my eyes.

Jessica and Daniel left to a parade of sparklers!

Jessica and Daniel – thanks for letting us come and party with you! Hope you had an awesome time on your cruise!


13 Responses to “Jessica and Daniel’s beautiful outdoor Texas wedding!”

  1. Rachael Earl says:

    Your ring shots are AMAZING! This wedding rocked, and you rocked this wedding!!!

  2. Kadie Pangburn says:

    These are freaking AWESOME! I love love love all the detail shots and the ring shots are killer! It’s funny because I just did a wedding this past weekend with the same color scheme, I’d never seen it before and I am now so in love with it!

  3. Roz Mitchell says:

    Love those details girl! The pool balls are awesome! Good sparkler shot too! Looks like a fun wedding, and you did a fabulous job as usual!

  4. Grant and Leandra says:

    I agree, your detail shots are amazing! And I really love your favorite portrait of the bride and groom. Beautiful.

  5. Jess says:

    I cannot tell you how much we LOVE our pictures. I have looked at them a million times and have shown them to everyone I know 🙂 And I have had several people ask me for your number and information because you are SO awesome! Thank you so much- you truly captured the feeling of the day and have given us pictures that we will treasure forever!!

  6. Tara Swain says:

    LOOOOOVE thing ring shots!!!!! 🙂

  7. Danielle Murphy says:

    Amazing Shots Brandi. You really captured the emotion of their wedding.

  8. Studio222 Photography says:

    I love the turquoise and red colors! Beautiful job.

  9. Sara says:

    Just: WOW!

  10. ohana photographers-david and kimi says:

    i said it once i’ll say it again, rock em sock em robot ring shot is AWESOME! love all of em!

  11. Christina Montemurro says:

    Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I get tired of ring shots. But these are the BEST ring shots I have ever seen! Love them! They would be my favorites except for all the other ones that have to also be my favorites. I can’t pick any more. Great job and what a unique wedding.

  12. JJC Photography says:

    Argh so gorgeous:) SO jealous!!

  13. BeDaZzLeD Photography says:

    These are lovely… I just love her shoes and never thought to mix tiffany blue and red as she did in the decor but it really looks sooo nice.

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