Happy Birthday to my Daddy!

Today is my Daddy’s birthday. Unfortunately, he is off somewhere doing some military training, so I can’t even call him! My father has the distinction of being the oldest new army recruit in history! Here is one of the many news articles about him. He will be going to Iraq in August, and will be the third in my family to have gone. My brother Jonathan spent more than a year there, and my brother Robert missed my wedding because he was in Iraq. 🙁 Thankfully, they both made it home safe and sound, and I look forward to the same for my father.

Now.. to happier things.. pictures!

Old school Daddy:

Left: My Daddy with my Mother back in the day, aren’t they good looking? Right: My Daddy with me, of course. Awwww.

Left: My father now! Right: Daddy and I, Christmas 2006. I know, I look twelve, I promise I’m not. I just love Rudolph. 🙂

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