Halloween Goodies Part Two

Okay, okay, I have gotten many demands for photos of Brian and I’s costumes from Halloween. We did snap a few snapshots, but they are nothing to write home about. I was dead on my feet exhausted, and so was he. We didn’t even go do anything together Halloween night, bummer! Perhaps we can throw a costume party at some point, just to have reason to wear our costumes again, because they were pretty darn snazzy!

First, I will post a couple of pictures from what I did on Halloween night. I have a very good friend who has done many things through out the years to help me out, including house sitting and acting as official “dog wrangler” for our wedding. He asked if I could come take some shots of the show he and his friends did on Halloween night, so I was happy to oblige. Most of what happened that night was not family friendly, but I will post a couple of shots.

First, there was a burlesque show. I thought the dancing with the large feather fans was pretty interesting, I had never seen a burlesque show before.

Then, my friends did their show. Here’s Kennie with some razor blades. Kids do NOT try this at home!

Yikes! Don’t worry, it makes me cringe too.

Okay, okay.. now, onto the costumes. Brian and I were beat but we did our best to get into character.

A comparison picture of Brian with Johnny Depp:

and lastly, a comparison picture of me with the gorgeous Helena Bonham Carter:

Okay there you go.. now quit harassing me! (Just kidding.. I love you blog readers!)


6 Responses to “Halloween Goodies Part Two”

  1. Lindsey says:

    Yeay! Thanks for succumbing to our demands, haha. Your outfit is freaking AWESOME– I rather prefer it to the original 😛 Now you just need to wear it with some uber pale makeup and get some pro pictures taken, hehe.

  2. Daniel J. Watkins says:

    I think you two look better than your celebrity counterparts! 🙂

  3. Grant and Leandra says:

    Love your costumes! You two pulled it off really well. Looks like fun!

  4. ohana photographers-david and kimi says:

    those are so bad a$$ you guys!!! color me super impressed!

  5. Jess says:

    So fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Kadie Pangburn says:

    oh my hubby SO wanted to be sweeny todd this year for halloween, but we just couldn’t get the costume right. You guys did awesome he’s jealous!

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