Good Fortune

Today I went out to eat with a dear friend of mine, and we had some Pei Wei (I had honey seared tofu and veggies, if you were wondering!) She brought us some fortune cookies. I don’t really like fortune cookies all that much, I just like to see what my fortune says. It seems lately all I ever see are general statements, and not real fortunes.

But today I had a good one!

Pretty sweet, huh?

But sure.. that could go to anyone, right? It’s just a fortune cookie! But, wait. There’s a sign that it was meant for me. Check it out:

September, my birth month! It’s proof to me.. 🙂

Okay, well hey.. it is a pretty fun coincidence, right?


3 Responses to “Good Fortune”

  1. Oakstream Photography says:

    Oh now that is awesome!!! Way to go. Good luck to you 😉

  2. Valerie Schooling says:

    For sure! I’m all about it! 🙂 And yay for fall birthdays!

  3. Rachael Earl says:

    Ha! I just got one that had “June” on the back (my birth month)! But…it said “You like Chinese food.” I guess it was right…

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