Gigi, Harley, Mina and Dante – Oh My!

Today is a ‘post your kids pictures’ kind of day, except.. these are the only kind of kids I have. But they’re pretty darned cute, you must admit.

The sunlight was so hard here that it almost looks like flash.

The whole two different size of pupil thing is kind of weird.

Gigi was being all frisky.

It’s kind of like she’s wearing a comfy parka, except, it’s attached.

The ‘put that stupid thing down and throw this for me’ look.

Do you know that it’s hard to throw a frisbee and take pictures at the same time, especially if you do both things best with one hand?

Will trade pictures for new fence. 😛

Dementor-dog! Scary. Don’t let your kids see this too close to bed time.

Even the best looking animals can’t be gorgeous all the time.

Happy Wednesday!


7 Responses to “Gigi, Harley, Mina and Dante – Oh My!”

  1. Studio222 Photography says:

    Awww…cute. I want some!

  2. Lori Barbely says:

    Your orange and white kitty looks SO much like one of ours! Adorable! 🙂

  3. lynn says:

    They are adorable! I need to take more pictures of my pets.

  4. Amy says:

    I have the same kind of "kids", now if you could get them all together for one big family portrait 🙂

  5. Sundin Photography says:

    Oh! I am a cat person! I feel like no one is (or at least admits to it! HA!) So I have to say, I am partial to the cat pictures. So cute. I just love their cunning eyes. 🙂

  6. ohana photographers says:

    love the dementor shot, but yah that's a scary face right there. how can they be so cute and scary at the same time?

  7. fortytwostars says:

    Such gorgeous animals. My cat was being especially adorable today, but of course she jumped up the minute I tiptoed back into the room with my camera. Jerk!

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