Friday Favorites + Music Video Friday

Today I felt like doing something with extra pizazzle. Not only will I be giving you a music video, like I do every Friday, but I am going to include ten of my favorite images! Pretty darn awesome.

First.. our music video for today. I wanted something fun and upbeat. This is one of those 80s (okay, 1979) one hit wonders that I just love. I never get sick of this song, it’s simple but oh so catchy.

“Pop Musik” – M

Okay, now for the photo goodies! Some of these have been seen on the blog, some have never been seen, and some have new snazzy editing. Enjoy!

Kathy + Devin – One of my all time favorite images ever. Not posed, I swear to you. They are just that cute.

Ashley + James – I love this couple, they are two of the sweetest people ever.

Cicelyann – Okay, so you can’t really see the gorgeous Cicelyann, but you can see her awesome taste in shoes.

Salena – This girl is fierce-ness personified. Plus, she was totally fearless and up for anything during her bridals. We took this shot before the wedding (the dress was totally fine!).

Kandace + Jason – Super fun vogue bridals (and groomals?) shot at a cool little bar out in Wylie.

Jessica + Daniel – Their wedding is a week from tomorrow, I can’t wait!

Stephanie + Kyle – I don’t generally tell people to dip one another, but I love it when they choose to do so, because it usually results in amusing situations. I love smiles and laughter.

Jayme + Matt – Saturday is Jayme’s birthday, so happy birthday!

Brandy + Katie – I just love the smile on Katie’s face here, plus the peek of fun colors from the mural.

Lizz + David – Proof I do take ‘look at the camera’ pictures.. Lizz and David were smoking hot; they could be super models!

I hope you all have a smashing weekend!


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  1. lizEsmithson says:

    Hey Brandi –

    I’m not sure how to just message people on here…sorry..but my fiance and I just got engaged this past weekend and I was wondering what your costs and everything were for engagement photos! I won’t be happy with anyone else. 🙂


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