As much as they may make us want to pull out our hair, we’ve only got one family. With three members of my family in the military, it really puts our family gatherings few and far between. My father is soon to be heading to Iraq, and he wanted us to all get together and take some family portraits before he shipped out. So, we came, from far and wide. My father came down from Alaska, one brother from South Carolina, and my littlest brother from Idaho. I knew I was faced with quite the task. Not only did I have to wrangle a bunch of men into a decent family portrait, but I had to be in it as well.

Of course, as you may expect, it wasn’t the smoothest sailing in the world. However, we did manage to get a few good snaps. Although they aren’t perfect, they are of my one and only family, and that makes them priceless.

From L – R: My brother Robert and his wife Amber, Joshua (the “baby”), my husband Brian, Myself, Jonathan’s girlfriend, Svaya, my brother Jonathan (who just recently moved to Dallas!), and my father, Russell.

Jonathan and Svaya


Robert and Amber

The boys and their ladies are too cool for school!

Joshua’s true thoughts on having his photo taken.

Tomorrow is a busy, busy day. I’ve got two sessions lined up with two lovely ladies that I am very excited about! Also, as you can see, I’ve finally got the blog colors updated to match my snazzy new site look!

Check back evening for a sneak peek of tomorrow’s sessions!

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