Every picture tells a story..

I have loved taking pictures for so long. I used to play around with film cameras quite a lot when I was younger but there was a lull in picture taking for a while. My first digital camera was just a little Kodak Easyshare 2 MP point and shoot. But I certainly made the most of it.

September 8th, 2004

I am sure if you have been following my blog at all, you know who that is. Mr. Gigi about 8 lbs ago. Taken with that Kodak 2 MP camera on my 21st birthday..

I was living in a crappy duplex, with a crappy roomate, and hating my then-job. However, I had just recently started dating a certain wonderful man… *hint… I’m married to him now :P* and little did I know then all the wonderful things that were in store for me over the next few years.

Dramatics aside, life has never been easy for me. I’ve been down many, many times. However, I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything I have experienced has shaped me into who I am today. And I wouldn’t change who I am. I like it here.


2 Responses to “Every picture tells a story..”

  1. Clare Day says:

    Oh I totally get you there Brandi… Life can certainly suck at times, but its so worth it to bring you to the places you need to go. I would never be married to the best man in the universe now if i hadnt had so many hard times in the past.

  2. Amy says:

    It is so true. And I sometimes wonder who I will become, and I have to remind myself to stop and step back to live in the moment.

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