Domestic Quasi-Goddess

For a few weeks now, both Brian and I have been battling this kind of light cold. Yesterday I was feeling rather sickly, and today I started out feeling better, but now I feel like getting into the bed and pulling the cover over my head.

However, while I was still feeling a-okay I busied myself with some domestic duties, including baking some cookies. Yum!

The chips in these are a mix of chocolate and peanut butter, oooh tasty.

The unfortunate thing is the peanut butter chips kind of blend in with the cookie. But it tastes pretty good! That’s the important thing. 😛

Peanut butter cookies.. about the easiest cookie you can ever whip up!

Also quite tasty.

Hope you all have a wonderful last day of the year tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Domestic Quasi-Goddess”

  1. Jamie Burnett says:

    I hate to do this to you…. BUT… I happen to make the bestest PB cookies ever!

    Sooo… Since I’m on a New Years diet and can’t make them… I’ll tell you my recipe… 1 recipe for PB cookies and throw in a 1/2 bag of Reeces Pieces… VOILA! Try it, you’ll love them… I do, thus the need for the diet!! 🙂

  2. Grant and Leandra says:

    I (Leandra) made peanut butter cookies a few weeks ago and they crumbled apart as soon as you touched them. Not sure what I did wrong, but I am MUCH better at chocolate chip ones! Yours looked yummy.

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