Custom Processing from Brandi Thompson Photography!


Brandi Thompson Photography has come up with custom, one of a kind processing methods available only to our clients. These are Photoshop techniques created by us! Check it out:

Click this image to make it bigger!

We have our beautiful image up top with only basic, or “clean” processing. Obviously, our couple already looks fabulous, so it can’t get that much better. However, it’s fun to add those special touches to give it that artistic flair. Here is the line up:

1. Rose Colored Glasses – To add that sweet pink tint to a romantic image.
2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Punches up the colors for a super saturated image!
3. The Golden Ticket – Adds a sun-kissed look to your photos.
4. Tell it to the Press – An edgy black and white conversion that adds depth and drama.

Be sure to check back for lots more images coming up in the next few days!

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