Ask Me: What do we wear to our engagement session?

There is always one big question that every couple asks, after we schedule their engagement session.

“What do we wear?!”

First off, don’t worry! There is only one thing I truly require of my couples when it comes to picking their engagement outfits. I ask that you dress comfortably! Now, this doesn’t mean the kind of “comfortable” that you watch TV and eat Ben and Jerry’s in, but well fitting clothing that suits you and your personality. If you truly, truly only ever wear jeans, tee shirts and Chuck Taylors… by all means, WEAR that to your engagement session!

This being said, I do encourage couples to do a couple of things. First, is to bring 2-3 total outfits for the session. You may only wear one, you may wear two, you may even wear all three; it’s just good to have options! Second, don’t be afraid to have FUN with what you wear! If you’re a couple who appreciates retro styles, the ladies can rock a pencil skirt and the guys can rock a skinny tie. If you’re a punk rock couple, wear some plaid pants! It’s all about your personality.

To make it really easy, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts!

1. Make sure your clothes fit properly, and that you won’t be constantly pulling or adjusting your garments.
2. Ladies, be sure to highlight your favorite parts, and minimize your less favorite parts. If you love your collarbone, wear a nice v-neck or deep scoop neck. If you aren’t best friends with your thighs, stay away from light colored pants.
3. Bring 2 – 3 outfits to your engagement session. Ladies, if you’re wearing sexy heels, make sure you bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes for moving between locations.
4. Have fun! Wear vintage garments, bring fun accessories (sunglasses, hats, scarves, guitars, books, whatever you please!), team jerseys; whatever you feel really shows off who you are and what you love (other than each other, of course).

1. Feel like you have to match. Instead, go for colors that are complementary or analogous in nature.
2. Wear big, obvious logos, or super busy/loud patterns. They distract from your beautiful faces, and in the end the photos are all about you!
3. Feel like you have to cake the makeup on! You should apply a little more than you normally do, but you still want to look like yourself. The three most important things – foundation that matches your skin tone, mascara, and hydrated lips!

There we go! It’s pretty simple over all. I am always happy to answer any specific questions or give you more detailed tips, so feel free to email me.


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  1. Amber says:

    hey girl! This is some great advice!

    Do you mind if I post this, or something similar for my couples and link back to you? If not, that's cool too!

    Definitely great advice no matter what.

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