Allen Senior: Gabrielle!

Last Thursday I went out to shoot some senior pictures of Gabrielle and one of her best friends, Chelsea. They were definitely an entertaining pair! Gabrielle has a bit of the dark and mysterious thing going on! Hey what can I say, we brunettes are pretty cool. 🙂

Come back tomorrow to see pictures of Chelsea! I’ve also got some fun pictures of them tomorrow to share as well. If you are interested in sharing a session with your best friend, you can add an extra person to a senior session for half price!


2 Responses to “Allen Senior: Gabrielle!”

  1. maribeth says:

    these are the awesome.. i knew that only you and your special brandi-ness would capture the REAL in these girls..

  2. Studio222 Photography says:

    She has gorgeous eyes! Strkiking. They remind me of someone famous and I can't put my finger on who…. hm…. off to think!

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