Allen Senior: Chelsea!

I really loved the fact I got to shoot two totally different looking girls at one time, both beautiful in different ways. I think that is one of the beautiful things about human beings. I loved Chelsea’s freckles.. they’re too cute!

More fun pictures to come tomorrow!


3 Responses to “Allen Senior: Chelsea!”

  1. Studio222 Photography says:

    I wish I was cool enough to pull off knee socks

  2. maribeth says:

    These rock..
    It's why I love Brandi as a photographer..

    She was able to use chelsea's shy awkwardness and incorporate it..

    These are so her!

  3. Lynn says:

    After looking at this session, and Gabrielle's and both of them together, the thing I really like about your senior images is that they are really genuine. They aren't over the top, or overly cutesy for mom, or too, I don't know, shocking or whatever, so they tick mom off and appeal only to the subjects. They are just honest portraits and a document of a certain time in each person's life. And that's really appealing and real.

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