Adventurous lifestyle family session in McKinney!

Bless this family and their patience! We actually tried to shoot a couple of weeks ago – but Mother nature ran us off with some rain and a cruel onslaught of mosquitoes! Sunday we were much luckier and had a gorgeous day. We only had one tiny little hiccup. Miss A is a very independent two year old, and she just wasn’t in the mood for a nice family portrait. However, we still had lots of fun and got some super cute shots! I am sure by next year, she’ll be ready to give me a pretty smile with the rest of her beautiful family! 🙂

Beautiful momma with the newest addition to the family.

If you’re not smiling right now, you might want to get your eyes checked.

Baby yawns = awesome.

We still managed to get a nice picture of Mom, Dad and baby!

After a few posed shots, it was time to get down to business and get my work out in with Miss A! Playgrounds always equal happy kiddos!

I love her gorgeous curls.

Chutes and Ladders, anybody? 🙂

I am never afraid to get in for close up action shots!

Miss A really loves to slide! She did give me the cute backward pose all on her own. 🙂

Miss A loves her Daddy.

Well, since we weren’t able to get a family shot of the four of them together, I thought I might just go 80s style and do the ‘floating head’ photo collage.

What do you think? ;)(oops, I can’t believe I misspelled awesome, that’s what I get for doing this kind of thing late at night!)

Thanks for having me out you guys, I had fun chasing after your beautiful daughter and spending time with all of you!


8 Responses to “Adventurous lifestyle family session in McKinney!”

  1. Sapphyre says:

    that baby has the most amazing facial expressions! I love it!

  2. Amy says:

    The swing shots are just adorable, I especially love the b&w one of her. And his expressions — priceless!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the "family Shot" with A!! that is about as much as I am going to get until she can understand what two minutes are. Paulette.

  4. Studio222 Photography says:

    HAHAH! Love his expressions!

  5. morgan says:

    bring back the floating head of the 80s!

  6. ohana photographers says:

    the b&w shots of that little girl are awesome! and to the last shot….bahahahaha, awesome!

  7. Kevan says:

    Love the serious expressions from the baby! Nice work!

  8. erica says:

    I love all the baby's expressions and the last shot made me laugh!

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