Adopt these kitties – They need a home!!

Today I went up to the Petsmart in McKinney to photograph some kitties being fostered by North Texas Cat Rescue during an adoption event. The only BAD thing is that I wanted to just take them all home with me. Every single cat there was absolutely SO sweet. You could definitely tell they had different personalities, but each would make a fantastic companion!

Okay, less words, more pictures. Kitties are pretty hard to get pictures of, particularly when they are young energetic things, but I feel I was able to capture their personalities, at least a little bit.

Please contact the North Texas Cat Rescue to take one of these kitties home with you!

I wrote down everybody’s names, I hope I got them all right!


In case you are wondering why Sy’s staring at the sky, there was a feather flying above them. 🙂 Absolutely gorgeous kitty, a pale calico.


Gracie is absolutely gorgeous too. A wonderful tortie. So sweet!


Felice is a lovely and sophisticated Tuxedo kitty! She wasn’t one much for having her picture taken, but she was definitely a sweetie. I can see lap cat written all over her pretty face.


I couldn’t even stick to two pictures of Minou!! What are you still doing at your computer? Run and go pick him up right now. He is so stinking cute I can’t even stand it.


Chip was super mellow. I just love this look of class he has about him. I love his big ears too. I just want to nom nom nom.. 🙂


Calvin was on the move! We had a hard time getting some snaps of him, but he was a cutie, and super playful! Look at that multi-colored nose.


Hummer is another classically beautiful tabby. Super clear, gorgeous eyes and very playful!


Note: Autumn hopefully has a home now, somebody was looking at her while I was there, and seemed very interested. But, she’s SO gorgeous, I had to post her pictures anyhow!

The pink nose does it for me every time. Pink nose, blue eyes.. Gorgeous!!

These cats need a forever home! It is scientific fact that animals are good for your health. So do yourself, and one of these adorable babies a favor, and bring one home!

While I do encourage you to adopt a rescue kitty, please make sure you are READY to be a good Mom or Dad. Remember that while cats are fairly low maintenance animals there are certain things you should be prepared to combat. Cats are naturally inclined to scratch! It is just part of cat behavior. Please, NEVER declaw your cat! Please do your research and realize that declawing is definitely not the answer.

What to do about scratching?
1. Make sure you have something for your kitties TO scratch. Scratching posts should be at least as tall as kitty is long so that they can stretch out.
2. Keep your kitties claws trimmed (just be careful of that quick!).
3. Try alternatives such as Soft Paws.
4. Use sprays on your furniture that act as a deterrent for your cats.

There are other options as well, these are just a few ideas! Just always remember that an animal, even while “tame” is still an animal and will still behave as such.

Now go get yourself a kitty!!


7 Responses to “Adopt these kitties – They need a home!!”

  1. melanie swan says:

    Brandi, these are FABULOUS!! I am not a cat person, but your images “almost” make me want to go snatch one of these babies up. My husband, on the other hand, would spend his entire life savings to have all of them…I will be sure to NOT show him this post. 🙂

    Great work, and I hope they all find their forever homes!

  2. Lynn says:

    I’ve been wanting to this for an animal shelter forever but I’m afraid I’ll want to come home with ALL the animals. Good for you for doing it! The kitties are gorgeous, you did a fantastic job, and I like your gentle message that pet ownership is as much a responsibility as it is a pleasure. Rock on!

  3. Chris Humphreys says:

    Awww! 🙂

    So cute! Kittens are pretty adorable, you did a great job!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Love them all! Every home needs AT LEAST 4 kitties!

  5. Greta says:

    what an awesome idea, and the kitties are adorable! hope they get homes!!

  6. Lindsey says:

    How great for you to go get these images! I have been thinking of doing something like this as well– but you’re so responsible with your suggestions about scratching and everything 🙂

    Those are GORGEOUS pictures– and I know it is VERY hard to get pictures of a kitten (just as mine)!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Brandi these pictures are awesome. Thank you so much for taking the time out to visit us today!

    Autumn is still available if anyone is interested. : )

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